Flexible SOFTWARE that gains you more control of your business

Utilizes coordinates to get valuable data that will ensure more efficiency for 
your business

Customizable software for different needs

COREDINAT is an artificial intelligence-powered tracking software that provides you with valuable data concerning your business's field activities

Coredinat Sales

Sales growth and CRM software that monitor, improve and evaluate the performance of the salespersons in the field

Visits of the salesperson by 67%

New customers by 32%

Turnovers by more than 46%

Coredinat Factory

Factory workers’ transportation managing and tracking software that report the day/night transportation activities from beginning to end

Halves night shift traffic

Minimizes dependency on drivers

Reduces the workload on HR

Coredinat Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's patients' caring software helps Alzheimer's patients' relatives to track and follow the care process of Alzheimer's patients

Minimizes dependency on caregivers

Relieves the load on caregivers

Monitor Alzheimer's patients

Coredinat Transport

A shipments tracking software that provides step-by-step notifications about the shipment of products and guides drivers in the field.

Decreases mileage by 30%

A complete route guide

Minimizes phone traffic

Coredinat Courier

A courier tracking software that is made precisely for couriers businesses. It helps measure the couriers’ activities in the field from start to end

Provides route guide to couriers

Minimizes telephone traffic

Minimizes dependency on couriers

Coredinat Work/School transport

A work/school transport service tracking software that provides instant notifications about the vehicle's status and directs drivers in the field

Reduces the number of vehicles

Provides trustable field reports

Minimizes dependency on drivers

Get valuable data that will transform your business in many ways

Coredinat provides business owners with the data they need the most to transform their businesses into more controllable and valuable business

More control over your business.

More time for you.

Digitizing your business

Wide range of valuable information.

Less costs.


The story behind COREDINAT

Learn more about COREDINAT and its story

COREDINAT is a tracking software that grew out of a desire to solve a problem that many businesses face: the need to know what field teams are doing. We have realized that many businesses struggle to manage their field teams, which leads to inefficiency, lost revenue, and missed opportunities. With the help of our AI software, we set out to create a solution that will make field team tracking more efficient and effective than ever before... Read more

Customers from different industries

COREDINAT’s flexibility makes it workable in many industries

IT Industry

FMCG Industry

Metal Cutting Tools Industry

Automation Industry

Medical Industry

Agriculture Industry